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GIBAS III Captain's Logs

Captain’s Log

November 18, 2016


Message Details:

  • Name: Eric Gryszka

  • Subject: Beacon

  • Message: What did the beacon look and sound like? Found a dismantled smoke detector near community center going off the other night.

  •  Sent on: 17 November, 2016


Today First Officer Berry and I visited the grounds of the Athens Recreation Center to further investigate a tip given by local resident Eric Gryszka. Eric’s message indicated a dismantled smoke detector was going off in that location, similar in sound to the audio beacon attached to the Gibas III. Eric gave a detailed description of the location where the noise was coming from, and we thoroughly searched the area for our missing craft. Officer Berry was able to utilize his training and skill in high elevation arboreal ascension to search the area from above, but much to our disappointment we were only able to locate the broken smoke detector which was presumably emitting the noise.

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