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GIBAS III Captain's Logs

Captain’s Log

December 1, 2016


Message Details:

  •  Name: Jane Pfeiffer

  •  Message: u can contact us @ --- --- 9860 re orange material hi in a tree top

  •  Sent on: 20 November, 2016  7:36 am


Yesterday, a message was received by Gibas Aeronautics through Facebook by Albany resident Jane Pfeiffer alerting us to an orange colored material in a tree on her property. Jane invited the crew and me to her property to investigate the sighting. Upon arrival, we could see the orange material stuck in a tree near the driveway and a garage. Jane and husband Roger offered assistance by borrowing us a ladder and a branch cutter.  Although the orange material was clearly a parachute, the attached object was not recognizable. Officer Berry climbed the ladder to cut the object loose, and upon further inspection by Officer Hager and me, we identified the white, rectangular object as a National Weather Service data collection instrument, which had been launched nearly six month prior to our own. While we did not recover the Gibas III, the Pfeiffer’s involvement and excitement leaves us with hope for future contact with those who share in our search and in the spirit of our mission.

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