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About Us

Reaching out to the ethereal space of high altitudes above earth, we activate our collective sense of curiosity and address fears of entering unknown and forbidden domains. Emotional barriers disappear when facing the fear of the unknown together, connecting humanity and fulfilling our most vital earthly needs.

Through the launch and recovery of helium powered weather balloons carrying a camera and GPS device, the crew of Gibas Aeronautics undertakes missions that emphasize playful interactions despite the anxieties surrounding unknown outcomes. By working together to better understand our relationship to the universe, we push against the sense of insignificance often felt in contemplation of the cosmos. We at Gibas Aeronautics believe that the universe is our home, and that accepting our place within it is integral to our existence.

Within the missions of Gibas Aeronautics, the journey of the mission, collective effort, and vicarious exploration brings people together around a common purpose, strengthening our connection to one another as human beings and creating a greater sense of connection to the universe as our home.

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