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AeroKnowledge Payload

Zach Eidan
Zach Eidam
Morgan Marshall
Paxton Hood
Herschel Heglin
Chris Gossett
Ian Patton
Jeremy Jones
Carolyn Hunter
Eve Gustwiller
Matt Lasekan
Jamie North
Mary Kuntzman
Kara Owens
Maggie McGarry

On Tuesday, October 26, 2016 the Gibas Aeronautics Experimental Methods Division launched the aircraft AeroKnowledge into the stratosphere. The craft contained artistic depictions of the knowledge and information the crew of the Experimental Methods Division feel is essential to our being and our lives on earth. The images represent our identities, our relationship to our planet, and the shared humanity that we experience, through both conflict and unity. By sending these depictions into the stratosphere and through attempted contact with other beings, we hope to extend the reach of our shared human experience beyond ourselves.

In the spirit of the satellite Voyager and the Golden Record carried by it, the images sent aboard the AeroKnowledge will not be retrieved, but will act as a dissemination of the knowledge and information of our existence that we hope to share to the universe. We anxiously await the unearthing of our craft and hope to make contact with the discoverer through our local P.O. Box.

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