Flight Report


Gibas II


350 g weather balloon with payload


GPS and surveillance devices

Launch Date

April 9, 2016

Launch Site

Radar Hill

Athens OH 45701 USA

Latitude: 39.3244
Longitude: -82.1249

Flight Path

See attached

Landing Date
April 9, 2016
Time unknown

Landing Site
Data unavailable

Last Recorded Location

Luster Shrader Rd
Marlinton, WV 24954, USA

Bearing: Southeast (119)
Latitude: 38.2197
Longitude: -79.9695

Date Sighted

April 10, 2016

Reason for Non-retrieval


Retrieval Date

April 10, 2016

Retrieval Site

3691 Frost Rd
Marlinton, WV 24954

Launch Crew

Amy Gibas, Captain
Dylan Berry, First Officer
Becky ‘Coach C’ Chmielewski
Ryan Davis
Jodie Gardner
Alyssa Gibas, Equipment Security
Angela Sprunger, Equipment Security
Emily Thomason, Photographer

Dennis Powell, Press, Athens News

Ground Control

Amy Gibas

Recovery Crew

Amy Gibas
Dylan Berry
Alyssa Gibas

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