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Experimental Methods Division

The Gibas Aeronautics Experimental Methods Division is designed to explore alternative modes of creating human connection through our vicarious explorations of near-space. Cadets recruited to the Experimental Methods Division express their connection to the universe through artistic depictions of their identities, their relationship to our planet, and the shared humanity they experience.

Cadet Mary Kuntzman

Cadet Matt Lasekan

Cadet Morgan Marshall

Cadet Maggie McGarry

Cadet Jamie North

Cadet Kara Owens

Cadet Ian Patton

Experimental Methods Division Contributing Artists

Cadet Zach Eidam

Cadet Chris Gossett
Cadet Eve Gustwiller
Cadet Herschel Heglin
Cadet Paxton Hood
Cadet Carolyn Hunter
Cadet Jeremy Jones

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